Cross Cultural Aspects Of Public Relations Management And Advertising

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EB3991 Research Methods for IBC

Literature Review

Cross-cultural Aspects in Public Relations Management and Advertising - A Case Study of Apple in China and Britain

Xiao Yan (Ashely)
Tutor: Imren Waller
Group E

In the recent years, considerable attention has been paid to Apple Ltd, which has undoubtedly become the most successful media designs company with growing turnover and market shares. Its strong brand identity does not only indicate customers’ acceptance and preference of its products, but also demonstrate Apple’s competence in advertising communication and cross-cultural management. Given the pivotal role that Apple plays in successful cross-cultural communication with an extended focus on how to manage and influence customers’ perceptions and awareness upon the products, it is significant to establish research on its strategies in both intercultural PR management and advertising. This Literature review will look at the fields of public relations management and adverts in cross-cultural contexts through discussing and examining the themes - intercultural corporate communication, effective public relations communication cross cultures, cross-cultural PR practice; effective advertising and its standardization and localisation forms. The literature review will be used to suggest further research on Apple’s strategies in cross-cultural PR management and advertising.

Intercultural corporate communication
With respect to international corporate…

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