Cross Cultural Communication And Cultural Differences

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When people think of business, rarely do we associate culture with the concept. This leads to an issue in cross-cultural communication. By analyzing cross-cultural communication, and its miscommunication in cultural differences, it is clear that employees should know more of a country’s defining culture. Only recently have we seen an emphasis in understanding other country’s cultures. In doing so, some businesses have prospered, while others have suffered after a terrible miscommunication. When dealing with culture, there are three segments that an employee should consider. What can be done before, during and after contact is made with the culture. In effectively preparing for one, a business may successfully send the message they wish to their client.
Before even beginning communications, an individual should research the culture. When researching the culture, individuals should identify and understand normal business patterns in that location. This may include doing work before communication is started. For instance, in other cultures it is customary for a friendship to develop before communications may begin. In attempting to be on a friendly basis, clients may be more forgiving if a cultural mistake is made. While in other cultures, giving a gift before a negotiation takes place is normal. Lastly if possible the individual should be aware of the current state of affairs in the opposing nation to avoid sensitive subjects. This all depends on the culture though that is…
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