Cross Cultural Communication

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Cross Cultural Communication
Mohamed Elamin
Date: 02/23/2011
City University of Seattle

This paper is about comparing and contrasting the American style of communication and that of Bahrain. Different countries have their own interpretation for every single issue based on their culture background and their way of thinking. The most significant characteristics of American culture are: individualism, equality, competition, freedom and privacy, action orientation, directness, particularity, and a problem solving orientation. In Bahrain is somewhat the same as other Arab countries, religion faith and local traditions play a large role in the people’s lives, although Bahrain constitution is more liberal compared with other
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(Nussbaum, 2005, par 6) In Bahrain people are conservative and they do not like unexpected events. Therefore they do a lot of plans to stay away from troubles. Also no one likes to take decision alone they usually looking for consultancies form other. Moreover their social traditions not accept unexpected actions or events.
Americans obey rules most of the time, but they see rules as someone else 's idea of how they should do things. They think the rule might have been appropriate in some other situation but it might not be appropriate for their situation now. Therefore they break it and do what they think is a better idea. Though Americans say, Rules are made to be broken, but they never say, "Laws are made to be broken." Laws are official legal “and they proudly claim that in America, "No one is above the law". (Nussbaum, 2005, par 9)
In Bahrain popular people obey the rules, otherwise they will under the risk of detention. But people who belong to the royal family and those are very rich, they do not care about rules or even law they always break the law with any kind of accountability. In general, establishing business in Bahrain is straightforward. The government of Bahrain vigorously seeks to increase foreign direct investment in Bahrain especially from the United States and western countries. On other hand according to my own experience I notice that people who from Southeast Asia
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