Cross Cultural Communication Strategy Between The Roaring Dragon Hotel And Hotel International

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Cross-Cultural Communication Strategy:
The Roaring Dragon Hotel and Hotel International
Prasanna Baganagarapu
Sullivan University
MGT 510 Executive Summary
This proposal is meant to provide a cross-cultural communication strategy between the Roaring Dragon Hotel (RDH), and the Hotel International (HI). RDH is one of the original three-star hotels in southwest China and a state owned enterprise (Grainger, 2008). This proposal will address the issues that come when failing to recognize cultural differences. In addition, the proposal will address the importance of involving the employees in important management decisions. These recommendations will provide a win-win situation, thus a healthy work
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163). In addition, Guanxi is “personal, reciprocal and more long-term oriented” (Yang, 2011, p. 164). RDH depended on their social connections when conducting business.

In 2002, Paul Fortune, the HI general manager was assigned to take over RDH management. Fortune’s challenge was to transform laid-back family-based employees, into professional, dynamic employees working under an international organizational management style. Fortune’s goal was that within two years the local Chinese employees could be transformed to world-class hotel employees. He introduced a two month training to search for employees that could handle these changes (Grainger, 2008).
The majority of the employees had hard time adapting to the much sophisticated management style, especially the older employees. Many employees with important guanxi resigned or transferred to other hotels. Moreover, along with this process RDH lost one of its important client, the travel agency Nu Fu, because of lack of cultural understanding. Overall, the new management disregarded the Chinese business culture, and lacked communication with its employees.
Problem: Lack of Cultural Understanding
The organization culture of RDH and HI were completely different. RDH’s organizational culture was constructed by guanxi. The employees did not have work professionalism and lacked discipline. They did not show any effort to beat competition.
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