Cross Cultural Communication Varies Depending On The Cultures

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Programme:MA TESOL
Module:LRM001Research Methods
Project title:Research proposal Cross-cultural communication varies depending on the cultures. Although students have a high level of proficiency, second language learners still find difficulties while being understood that cross-cultural differences appear in speaking their second language. This concern makes learners consider that pronunciation might be the cause of the misunderstanding. However, fluency and accuracy elements are very important for effective conversation, learners of English as a second language may find themselves in a difficult position when they have to speak with native speakers of English, because they have received enough knowledge in areas such …show more content…

That’s why I have chosen the topic teaching pragmatic elements of English in L2 classroom. And here I do mention that some learners of English learn the language in foreign environments, where English is not the language of the surrounding culture. For example, a person may learn English as a foreign language in Istanbul, Turkey, challenged by a lack of knowledge that needs to be supplied artificially by the teacher. This dynamic may lead to a pragmatic competence that it is limited to what can be taught in the classroom. And my country Uzbekistan is one of the Asian countries and its people have different attitudes in greeting, in hosting and etc, from nations of English speaking countries. So, in my research I am going to identify a good way of teaching cultural, pragmatic features of the English language.
My research paper addresses this key question:
• Is video material useful to teach pragmatic features of English in Uzbek classes?
In my research I am going to give another view of teaching English in pre-intermediate classes, because according to the curriculum of the education system of Uzbekistan, teaching a foreign language mostly consists of grammar ad structured dialogues that can be learnt by special English course books. And my goal is to prove that it is not only way to teach a target language in pre-intermediate classes and using video materials increases learners’ not only linguistic competences, but

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