Cross-Cultural Conflict In The Tiger's Daughter By Bharati Mukherjee

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Cross-cultural conflict is the clash between two culture where cultureis the prime identity of human life. Cross-cultural conflict is the testimony ofpainful experiences that imbibed by immigrants, who have faced severalproblems as psychological, social, global, economical and emotional on an alienland. Their painful experiences inspire many diasporic writers to share their variedexperiences with world through their words.Cross-cultural conflict explain the problems like psychological,sociological, ideological, religious and so on. Cultural problems are thehighest flying distinctiveness of Indian diaspora. Rootlessness is the mostsignificant issue in the life of the immigrant. Cultural differences highlight man in the life of immigrants and…show more content…
Cross cultural conflicts in her novels
Bharati Mukherjee is not onlythemostcommerciallysuccessful among women writers of the Indian diaspora, but also the most controversial narrator of Indian cultural identity in a multicultural context,which has been seen in all her novels .Bharati Mukherjee’s first novel The Tiger’s Daughter is a story of Bangali girl Tara Banerjee an immigrant women from India . Like Bharati Mukherjee , who visited India after her marriage with Clark Blaise in 1973,Tara also come back to her home land after staying seven years in America ; she comes to India only to witness poverty and political chaos in India . The ill treatment in a new modern life shock her and let her to get back in native land . Unable to feel a sense of belonging in India and in America she feels rootless . She lost her identity too . That’s why she is unable to feel herself an Indian or an American . In America she could not acculturate the cultural integration to herself . Uprooted from her native culture and identity, she feels a sense of alienation
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