Cross Cultural Conflict in Karate Kid Movie

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Twelve-year-old Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) and his mother Sherry (Taraji P Henson) move from Detroit to Beijing. There they live in a new apartment building called Beverly Hills, and Dre attends the local school. While visiting a nearby park, Dre strikes up a friendship with Meiying (Han Wenwen), a young girl who plays the violin. But Dre’s encounter with Meiying attracts the attention of the school bully Cheng (Zhenwei Wang) and his gang. They target Dre for attack.
Cheng wants to hurt Dre, but Mr Han (Jackie Chan) steps in. He is the maintenance man for Dre’s apartment building and a Kung Fu master. He makes short work of the bullies.
Mr Han encourages Dre to go to the Kung Fu academy where Cheng is a student. Mr Han hopes they can
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Master Li tells Cheng to finish off his opponent. So Cheng powerfully punches his opponent in the head, knocking him unconscious. Master Li then slaps Cheng hard across the face, saying ‘No mercy in life – your enemy deserves pain’. * During training, Mr Han and Dre exchange numerous punches, blocks and kicks, none of which seem to cause Dre harm. One of the training exercises involves Mr Han punching Dre through a curtain with a boxing glove attached to a pole. * During the Kung Fu tournament, there is stylised martial arts fighting between preteen boys. They punch and kick each other’s heads, faces and bodies, sometimes knocking each other out of the ring. At one point, the referee has to restrain Cheng to stop him from beating his opponent senseless. * On Master Li’s instruction, a boy repeatedly punches Dre in the knee in a deliberate attempt to cripple him. When we next see Dre, he is lying on a bed with a badly bruised leg wrapped in ice. A doctor tells Dre that his injury is too severe for him to continue in the tournament. * During the final fight, Dre punches Cheng in the face, wraps his legs around Cheng’s neck in a scissor hold, and flips Cheng over his shoulders. Master Li tells Cheng to break Dre’s leg, so Cheng punches Dre in his injured leg. Dre lies on the ground in severe pain with tears in his eyes. Standing on his one good leg, Dre does a back flip

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