Cross Cultural Conflict in Organisations

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Executive Summary

The purpose of this presentation is to identify the problems faced by Western managers telling eastern managers that improvement in their business is needed. The case which the presentation is based on is about cross-cultural management and organisational strategy and improvement.

A delegate of an Australian consulting firm is given the task of heading up a pilot study in the organisations Taiwanese and Indian offices with the aim of identifying the reasons for their slow market growth and offering recommendations as to how to improve their performance.

The presentation on the case focuses on questions one and two of the designated case study questions. The first question asks the writer to identify where the
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Attempts are relationship building lacked on the part of both parties however more should have been done by the consultant to actively engage the host country in order to gain their trust, respect and support.

Clashes of Eastern v Western views of strategy were experienced. These views are all but opposite in many areas. These differences included the likes of the way they made decisions, executed plans and analysed their results. The best example as evidenced by the case study would be that fact that the marketing manager, when asked by the consultant, failed to produce a formal marketing plan. The consultant took this a sign of incompetence instead of seeking to better understand the reasoning behind the difference.

Finally, from the presentation of the case study it is recommended that when entering a foreign country one should make sure that whoever is sent to act as an expatriate in the host country has a high level of cross-cultural literacy. The person who is given the task should be adequately trained and qualified who has ideally been to the host country destination beforehand. In this case this was arguably not the case and the consultant who was the expatriate consequently had trouble both understanding the culture and dealing effectively with the managing partners reactions and actions. From this presentation it is recommended that anyone
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