Cross Cultural Conflicts And Cultural Values Essay

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CROSS CULTURAL CONFLICTS Abstract: As said by Jonathan H. Turner cross cultural conflicts are "differences in cultural values and beliefs that place people at odds with one another". Generally cultural conflicts have been used to describe crime and violence but that is a pretty narrow definition. The objective of this article is to elaborate upon the conflicts varying across cultures, not only criminal but also cover various other aspects of it such as identity conflicts, conflicts in ethnic and culture, etc. Globalisation has brought us closer together. In the 21st century, we live for the first time in one global community. But it is a community composed of many strands which must be carefully woven together into a whole. The article shows pluralism as cross cultural conflict and goes deeper into the roots. Introduction: Civilization and culture today are facing various problems: the restructuring of the society, and decreasing importance of cultural essentialism. There is an enormous cultural diversity in the world today and people have been living with it. There are regions enriched with cultural diversity as well as there as continents with large similarities in culture. Apart from conflicts in business and management there are various day to day problems/differences which arise namely: Gender differences in child rearing, behaviour across cultures, etc. Civilizations are depicted as independent social spheres, which as a whole have a major effect on the political
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