Cross Cultural Engagement Is A Process Of Learning

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Cross-Cultural engagement is a process of learning to interact and communicate effectively with individuals in another culture. Engagement implies a dynamic, two-way process of communicating with individuals in the host culture, rather than simply learning about them from a distance. It also suggests active learning while crossing into another culture. Why is cross-cultural engagement important in a mission? In the Bible we see the twelve disciplines go on mission to spread the Gospel. Jesus sent them on mission in groups with instructions. We, in today’s era also need set of instructions or need to know how to go on missions in other than our culture. It is a difficult and humungous task to carry out. One need to first know what their mission is and how to pursue their calling. My most favorite learning from this class is the work of Holy Spirit in a mission. Sunquist writes and explains about it very beautifully. He says, ‘Christian mission is not a project or a function of the local church.’ It is very important, in the first place, not to make false assumptions about a mission. Firstly, we need to clear our heads, realize and confess in our hearts that we are working for God’s mission, not for a church or any organization. Secondly, we should discern and ask for help from the Holy Spirit to help and guide us through the mission that Holy Spirit has chosen for us. Cross-cultural engagement is led by the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:4 ‘And they were all filled with…
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