Cross Cultural Integration: International Students and Higher Educational Institutions

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This article brings to light need for guidance that international students must obtain in order to conform to the mission statements of higher educational institutions cross-cultural Integration through suitable learning environments and aiding student to succeed in obtaining a higher education is a fundamental requirement of every educational institution,(Delbanco, 2012) but the quality of American higher education since the growth of student campuses is questionable. Using academic journal articles from the Journal of College Student Development, The Journal of Higher Education, and texts from Andrew Delbanco’s College: What it was, and what is should be, I will determine why there needs to be more meaningful guidance for students…show more content…
If institutions do not provide significant surroundings where international students can adapt and conform quickly, the academic community will be responsible for losing an important amount of students that could have helped to enrich the institution as a whole. There are three possible stances when it comes to student engagement. Some evidence indicates that educational institutions require better systems to assist with international student integration and promoting diversity. Other evidence indicates that individual differences contribute to different levels of student engagement. However, it is not possible to identify either side as mainly responsible for the lack of student integration and engagement. It is considered that collaboration between higher education institutions and students can create the best educational system with most supportive and engaging environment (Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education, n.d.) On the other hand, some researchers have conducted studies that have aimed to explore the roles of ethnicity and race in student engagement to investigate if those variables play a role in successful student integration and engagement (Johnson, Crosnoe, & Elder Jr., 2001). Although research based on ethnic and racial
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