Cross Cultural Management, And Ethics And Global Business Essay

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Reflecting upon the lectures of Cross-Cultural management was very useful in linking the theory I learned with the experience I had, especially, it provided the opportunity to ‘step back’ from the decisions I made and helped to identify the reasons of my behaviour in different cross-cultural situations. Moreover, commenting upon past experience brought the chance to further develop social and communication skills, strengthen cultural sensitivity and open-mindedness which are of a paramount significance in today’s globalizing world. This paper will reflect and critically analyse my understanding and views about three topics that were learnt during the semester and which mostly interested me (caught my attraction?), namely, they are: Cross-Cultural Communication, Multicultural Teams and Conflict Management, and Ethics and Global Business. Being of Kazakh origin definitely influenced the way I perceive other cultures and impacted my behaviour and values I possessed. Generally, it can be argued that I agreed with the context of the lectures of Cross-Cultural Management, and at the same time, these lessons assisted to change my opinions about the previous cross-cultural experiences I had. However, I have to work and research more in order to achieve my goal of becoming a culturally intelligent individual. Cross-Cultural Communication On the very first tutorial we have to choose our team members for the duration of the whole semester. It happened that my team consists of two

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