Cross Cultural Management of Japan & United States

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Cross Cultural Management of Japan & United States One concern of the merger between these two companies involves group interaction and sense of space. People in the United States take great pride in themselves on individualism and informality. The Japanese culture values groups and formality. People in the United States admire a person who excels above everyone else. If this merger takes place and it makes the price of stock to rise, the American company might want to buy more stock and the Japanese might not agree with this and be more cautious which could result in a cross-culture conflict. Cultural differences and cross culture conflicts is the biggest challenge in terms of cross-cultural management that will arise in…show more content…
At the same time, the environmental stimulation program can be useful to understand different business environments and define to deal with different situations and problems. Beside these, cross culture study will be helpful to create understanding about different country cultures. Company should make their management concept and spiritual mechanism in accordance with all employees to make a group, which characterized unity and equality (Chen, 2013). Company should also respect employees’ human dignity and keep satisfy them by fulfilling their requirements. Additionally, the company should also create a whole atmosphere of unity and harmony to manage cross cultural differences. Company should follow culture pervasion in order to ease cultural differences. Culture pervasion is a long method of cross culture training and culture observation, thus, it would be helpful for both companies to adapt the local operation culture and process (Chen, 2013). To help eliminate some of the cross cultural conflicts between the two countries, officials from each of the companies have agreed to set up a holding company in the Netherlands which would be the neutral grounds for both and would allow equal representation on the new merger (Kimura and Sagami, 2014). Gary Dickerson who is the leader of Applied Materials even agreed to move him and his family to Tokyo to learn
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