Cross Cultural Mangement Renault Philippines Case Study

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Cross Cultural Management: Philippines - Case Study Introduction: After a detailed market survey, Renault the French automobile constructor firm, decided to establish a branch in Philippines. Indeed it appeared that the Filipino market is very attractive, and presents a lot of opportunities. Renault decided to set a first selling centre in Manila. This mission has been assigned to mister Jean-Claude Duss. The real challenge for Mister Duss will be to build a local team and to be its leader. Missions: - to find an office in Manila ( where the team will be trained ) - to build a team - to set up a relation network - to develop an informal network - to build a brand image - to acquire a notoriety - to find new points…show more content…
Mr Duss has to read between lines and has to decode each manager behaviour. He needs to read hidden signals. A kind of feedback form can be set up to see what has been understood and what misunderstood after analyze. Furthermore, as we think everywhere in the world, to have good work connections can facilitate a deal. Surround with faithfully people is something important, especially if they have already good relations in the country. If a Filipino makes a favour, Mr Duss will have to remember this and to return a favour when it will be possible. Mission: To begin the first work day, a long presentation of each participant is recommended to break ice. It seems important not to rush directly to the mission. After a morning of personal discussion (family, background, leisure, etc), a lunch is organized in a typical Filipino restaurant to makes them feel comfortable and shows Mr. Duss' willing to discover the Filipino culture. In the afternoon, Mr. Duss will have to explain the mission to the Filipino managers. Objectives have to be seen globally, then one by one, more in details (Asian people prefer to have a global vision before looking at details). Before fulfilling their missions, Filipino managers will, of course, attempt training courses for one week to integrate the corporate culture. Furthermore, courses about the different products that Renault sells and finally learn skills, techniques and tools the company provides

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