Cross-Cultural Marriage

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Cross-Cultural Marriage Sometimes people have no control over whom they begin a love relationship with. One does not see color, religion, culture, country, etc. difference, so it is very possible that someone may fall in love with a foreigner who has a totally different culture, which may result in a cross-cultural marriage. No matter how deeply this couple is in love with each other, differences will rise due to the variations in culture. Marrying someone with totally different culture will lead to leaving one’s country, inability of grandparents to communicate with grandchildren and leaving one’s traditions. Marrying someone with totally different culture forces one the spouses to live outside his/her country. By that…show more content…
But people from different cultures may not laugh on the same thing and spouses may find difficulties in understanding the other’s humor as Carol O’Hara said, “Things that are funny to one will not be funny to the other. You will have to explain the humor to one another.” To sum up, some people may find marrying someone with another culture is exciting. The idea comes to them due to experiencing some new and different things. What people sometimes do not consider is that these new and different things may turn into the reason of conflict and misunderstanding between spouses. As an advice, no one should rush into a cross-cultural marriage unless he/she is ready to let go his/her traditions, willing for his children to not really know his/her parents and be ready to live outside his/her country. One should think of all that and even more before thinking of marrying someone from another culture. Works Cited Appleby, Vince. “Marrying someone from another country.” International Pen Pal. 2009. 10 May 2009. Benlafquih, Christine. “Tips for Successful Intercultural Relationships.” Suite101. 27 Mar 2008. 10 May 2009. “Marrying into a Different Nationality.” Professor’s House. 10 May 2009. O’Hara, Carol. “Are you thinking of marrying someone
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