Cross Cultural Negotiation in Germany

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Cross Cultural Group Presentation - Germany 2012 Yash Karnik (483), Tanvi Swami (498), Ritesh Saurab (499), Ritanshu Mai (533), Vijaya Laxmi Manne (477) Group 7 12/23/2012 What is important about Germany? Germany is an industry leader in areas such as automobiles and healthcare, to name a few. With globalization and reducing trade boundaries Germany has in fact become a trade partner for many Indian firms. Thus understanding business etiquettes, culture and protocol will supplement international businessmen and enhance cross cultural negotiation. The Rational German: Based on research findings, Germany’s geographical location and history have had a substantial effect on its culture and thus on the way that Germans negotiate.…show more content…
Also Germans have a grounded belief that the workers in their country are better than the most the world and its best not to challenge this assumption. Business Communication: Although German is the official language of the country most of the business people speak British English. Most of the younger generation is well travelled and is fluent in business conversation. It is advisable to talk in short, complete sentences and in a slow firm voice to keep any negotiation without bringing in confusion. Germans tend to very direct in their communications and sometimes this can be misunderstood as being rude. Being very direct Germans dislike vague statements and diplomacy during any formal business discussions including negotiations. In fact too much diplomacy is likely to confuse a German. They will ask explanations, but is it possible that a German will walk out of a negotiation if the deal is unacceptable and/ or against company policy. It is also possible that a blunt “NO” can come your way, without substantial explanations. Germans tend to use body language very sparingly. Excessive use of body language may confuse your German counterpart. This can be an obstacle, especially during group negotiations as it will be difficult to judge the direction of the negotiation. Facial expression although limited can act as an indicator to judge if the proposal you have put forth has been liked or disliked. Maintaining eye contact is very crucial when talking to any German and
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