Cross Cultural Perspectives Of Culture

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Cross-Cultural Perspectives-900 words
Culture refers to the values, rules, norms and behaviour as well as their products that govern the lifestyles of an individual or group. Cultural rules and behaviour are inherited from past generations, may be learned from others and are transmitted to other generation. Additionally, they embody the symbols and systems through which communication, attitudes and knowledge about life takes place. The set a certain group of people apart from others because the manifestation of cultural components represent the conscious elements of the individuals in one culture and helps register the differences or similarities in how other groups and cultures behave.

Culture influences all aspects of an individual’s life including food and dietary habits, dressing, communication with others and the relationship with other members of the community among others. One of the most critical aspects of culture in business is communication. Cross-cultural communication is one of the perspectives of cross-cultural lifestyles. It refers to communication that takes place from a person in a particular culture to another person in a different culture (). In a globalised world, cross-effective cultural communication is a growing concern among enterprises that operate in different cultures, multinational corporations and those employing staff from different cultures. Cross-cultural communication must take place within a conscious context, where the sender of the…
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