Cross Cultural Psychology And Social Psychology

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Unit 13 Signature Assignment Cross-cultural psychology involves the examination of relationships between cultural context and human behavior (Berry, Poortinga, Breugelmans, Chasiotis and Sam, 2011, p. 2). Research in the area of cross-cultural psychology is aimed at comparing specific covert and overt behaviors of two or more cultures. More specifically, cross-cultural psychology examines the “…similarities and differences in psychological functioning in various cultural and ethnocultural groups…” (p. 5). Henceforth, cross-cultural psychology offers a viable paradigm for the assessment and development of strategies structured to mitigate conflicts that arise in organizational setting due to intercultural discord. While conflict has a tendency to negatively impact production and employee morale in organizational settings; shedding light on these conflicts also has the capacity to build relationships and foster transformational change within the organization. Recently, Major International Corporation X, has been experiencing challenges with relationship building between managers; most of whom are from the U.S. and technicians; most of whom are from the Middle East. On the surface, most of the conflicts between the two groups are related to differences over how time is attended to during the work day. However, social perceptions, lack of cultural fluency, power distance and differences in cultural values may function as precursory triggers for conflict between the
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