Cross Cultural Psychology Notes Essay

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Whose values count? Culture: any group sharing values, beliefs, customs “…isms” ethnicism/racism sexism heterosexism (homophobia) classism ageism prejudice against disabled religious bigotry Cultural Competence Familiarity with other groups culture Know thyself People including students, therapist, profs, are humans first and Three challenges to know about yourself Humans rarely contemplate the origin, validity or meaning of their value Humans underestimate the arbitrariness of their values and beliefs Humans have an intense emotional need to have others share their values and worldviews What drives us to surround ourselves with like minded others? Comfort Self-affirmation Self-validation We also…show more content…
Aunts/Uncles are like quasi-parents. Grandparents are like quasi-parents. Hispanic adolescents: “relatives more important than friends” compared to white and African American adolescents Importance of “moving out” as an adult,
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