Cross Cultural Psychology

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Cross-Cultural Psychology Samantha Mortinsen 9/18/2011 Psy/450 Dorothy Rodwell Cross-Cultural Psychology Culture, we all have grown up knowing one, or at times more than one, kind of culture. Everyone has different beliefs and ways of doing things and this usually has to do with our culture and the way we have been raised and brought up. This type of psychology looks into these many different cultures and studies how they affect us as humans and our development, mental processes, and behavior. Cultural psychology is a field in psychology that assumes that the idea that culture and mind are inseparable and that psychological theories in one culture are likely to be limited in applicability when applied to different cultures.…show more content…
We sometimes look at other cultures traditions and ways to be different and at times weird compared to ours but the study of cross-cultural psychology looks at all kinds of cultures and this is important to learn more and be able to help people of different cultures. Critical thinking are peoples deep thoughts and of how they think and reason. Each offers a paramount variable that derives its own direction of language. Descriptions are impartial to one another; personal biases have an influence on our language, judgments, and our values. Yet, none of these recognize other people’s values through their behaviors or language. Critical thinking offers a remedy to these downfalls of language within different cultures. According to (2010) other bias and skewed occurrences that critical thinking is helpful, is by differentiating between fundamental acknowledgement, self-fulfilling insight, the difference between cause and connection, naturalistic fallacy, and the belief perseverance effect. Critical thinking is an important role in cross-cultural psychology because when psychologists are looking at different cultures there are many different thoughts that go on about each culture and their differences between other cultures, it is important that the psychologists are critical and think about all the cultures and their different ways independently and when they compare them it is important that they
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