Cross-Cultural Psychology

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Running head: CROSS-CULTURAL PSYCHOLOGY Cross-Cultural Psychology Charlene Marasco PSY/450 Sally Fleming March 28, 2011 Cross-cultural psychology Cultural psychology is an interdisciplinary program of research that explores the relationship between individual minds and the complex environments in which they are deployed. The approach focuses on the contribution that content-rich, complex environments – ranging from workplaces to cultural traditions to nation states – make in shaping basic cognitive processes. The comparative approach, or cross-cultural approach, uses experimental methods…show more content…
the knowledge and principles established earlier on to consider how cross-cultural psychology can contribute ... and work, communication and training, health behaviour, and the role of psychology (Berry W. J., Poortinga H. Y., Segall H.M., & Dasen R.P., 2002). Methodology Methodology in cross-cultural psychology can be divided into two categories: quantitative and qualitative. Methodology in cross-cultural psychological studies are the popular methods used by cross-cultural psychologists and offers critical proposals about the process of gathering facts and interpreting data in comparative studies(Shiraev & Levy, 2010, p.,28). Qualitative research is carrying out mainly in a natural setting, where the research participants carry out their daily activities in a non-research atmosphere. Qualitative studies are also conducted when there are difficulties in measuring variables, in situations when the subjects cannot read or use answer scales or when there are no standardized measurement instruments available. Qualitative research is also useful in situations in which variables are not completely conceptualized or operationally defined. The qualitative method can be useful when the experiences and priorities of the research participants heavily influence the research (Shiraev & Levy, 2010, p., 29). Quantitative methodology is a measure of correlation in research conducted in
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