Cross Cultural Research Paper

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Cross Cultural Research Paper Research is essential to all disciplines in Psychology, including Cross Cultural Psychology, for theory development, theory testing and to test theories against other theories. Also, research is a way to test ideas and hypothesis about different cultures related to specific concepts and trends gender, immigration attitudes, and comparative research compares different cultures to determine how they differ and/or are similar on such concepts as gender issues, child rearing, cognition, attitudes, etc. as they relate to culture. That is cross-cultural relative study and additional kinds of study can be concerned in the methods in which culture and correlated ideas for instance ethnicity influences the behavior…show more content…
Also the study of objectives of Turkish migrant mothers in associated to their cultural change behavior (Bornstein, and Cheah, 2006; Luster and Okagaki, 2005). There were a self-possessed of a number of mothers of Turkish who were raised up in or migrated to Germany and a number of mothers of German of young child existing in Germany. Cultural personality is individual’s observation of individual's character and the group that an individual exist in. Culture can be a multilevel conception made up of areas for instance terminology, belief, music, the things a person wears, and the things that eat, traditions and principles. Generally, in certain culture, these factors of culture can be based on a few basic fundamental values or principles. In northeastern United States, for instance, culture was based on the principles of spiritual independence, personal image, a powerful work ethos, and family. All factors of culture were formed by these primary principles. They offered the focus upon which the community and its worldview could be created. Overarching values, needs, expectations, not met goals, and wants are sources of culture (Kitayama, 2003). Cultural differences in views and beliefs allow
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