Cross Cultural Training Is Important For Success

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In today’s international market, a business needs to stay competitive in order to succeed. To do this, businesses need to have access to as many markets as possible to sell their products and services. However, just as each nation has their own culture, so do their business markets. Cross-cultural training is important for success in the world of international business. As stated by Diemer (2010): “To act without awareness of differences among norms within a differing culture is to invite cross-cultural blunder.” This means that, if we do not take into account the differences between the two cultures and adjust yourself accordingly, it can lead to an incident that is difficult to recover from. In the business world, such an incident can kill a deal that took months or even years to cultivate.
People are affected by their own culture whether they actively know it or not. Culture can include, but is not limited to, the language(s) they speak, the country they were raised in, how their home country has affected and been affected by the world, their religion, their gestures, and more. One thing to consider is that people tend to be more comfortable with languages and communication styles that they are used to. This is generally true in both the personal and business worlds. If we do not have an awareness and understanding of each other’s differences we can have a potentially fatal miscommunication. Adler (2008) stated that “culture is formed from a group’s values, attitudes, and…
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