Cross Culture Analysis Based On Comparative Studies

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CULTURE culture is a word that implies to the integrated pattern of human behavior(thoughts’communication,actions,belief,values,and institution of a racial,ethnic,religious,or social group
It may also be regarded as the totality of ways which is being passed from generation to generation
In other words culture includes various ways in which differently abled people,people from different religious background,or people of different sexual orientation experiences the world around them

1) Cross cultural perspective
2) Cultural perspective
3)Psychological anthropological perspective
4)Indigenous psychology

A) CROSS CULTURE PERSPECTIVE- It is the study of similarities and dissimilarities in every individual’s psychological functioning ,in different culture and ethnic group.
It assumes that certain behaviour are universal to some culture which doesn’t vary and remains static.
Proposition :-

Cross culture analysis is based on comparative studies and statistical analysis which can be used to find out and discover characteristics that are shared between cultures and help in generating cultural universal.
Various hypotheses are created from this analysis.

E.B TYLOR and Lewis Henry were cultural evolutionists, Who used these theory in their analysis.
In todays modern day time this cross-cultural analysis is also called

David Levinson has given six
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