Cross Culture Of Cross Cultural Marriage

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Cross-cultural marriage is a marriage composed of two culturally diverse individual who independently posses distinct national cultures. Cheung (2005) stated that it is generally accepted in long-term marriage literature that the five “C” are important elements that contribute to long-term marital satisfaction. The five Cs are commitment, caring, communication, conflict and compromise, and contract which refers to the marital partners’ implicit and explicit expectations of each other and their marriages. Nowadays, cross-cultural marriage has become common trend in the world. People are no longer isolated from their geographical locations and cultures. Cross-culturally married couples are maintaining their relationship with great understanding and tolerance for each other. According to Frame (2004), “Over the last three decades there has been an unprecedented increase in interracial and intercultural marriage (p. 219).” However, one might disagree and ask whether cross-cultural marriage is always beneficial due to family issue and religion. Cross-culturally married couple faces many problem and tension almost every day in their life due to cultural differences but despite those conflicts, marriage can work if the couple addresses communication competencies and cultural differences.
There are people who think and believe that cross-cultural marriage is difficult to maintain and doesn’t last long because of the involvement of family issues and religion. Cross-cultural and…
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