Cross Cutting Issues On The Curriculum Disaster Risk Reduction Essay

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Cross cutting issues in the curriculum disaster risk reduction. Cross cutting issues are issues that touch a number of different aspects of the society, on general principles such as democracy, human rights, good governance, children 's rights, gender equality, population and family life education, poverty alleviation, environment and development. Integrating crosscutting issues into teaching makes the education offered meaningful and relevant to the individual and the society at large . Accidents are prone to happens at an time and anywhere, where disaster management is introduced early to learners so that they know how to react to therefore avoid causing more destruction; for example in the fatal security drill that occurred Strathmore university in 2015 where security experts faulted the fact that students were not aware of the drill and had not been prepared on how to react in such a situation. Preparation reduces damage and vulnerability. So the KICD empowers learners by preparing them for anything that may happen and how to move on incase of a disaster. The concept of disaster risk management is introduced into the curriculum through various means for example the teachers resource handbooks that are developed by the KICD. The UN-ISDR 's vast Living with Risk report suggests that disaster risk reduction is "the systematic development and application of policies, strategies and practices to minimize vulnerabilities and disaster risks throughout a society, to avoid or
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