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Introduction Cross Dressing has been at the center of debate for many years. There are conflicting opinions concerning the origin of the behavior and individuals that behave in this manner. The purpose of this discussion is to research human sexuality of cross dressing as it relates to psychology. We will investigate the findings published in several books and journals concerning cross dressing. The research will also focus on the treatments that are available for individuals that cross dress and their families. Let’s begin our discussion by defining cross dressing and the psychological factors that can lead to the behavior. Cross Dressing Defining Cross Dressing can be a rather arduous task because it is a complex subject.…show more content…
(Bullough) The author asserts that the husband must be completely honest with his wife about the behavior. (Bullough) In addition, if a cross dresser is about to get married he should inform his future wife. (Bullough) The author contends that being honest about this behavior to the future wife will allow her to deal with the situation better. (Bullough) An article in, The Canadian Journal of Human Sexuality, explains that some women leave the relationship even if the husband is honest about his behavior. (Cairns) On the other hand, many stay for the sake of the children. (Cairns)The author explains that there are psychological reasons why these choices are made. The article asserts, “the wife who stays with a deviant husband, whether for the sake of the children, lack of alternatives, or even her love for him, is, almost by definition, psychologically deficient; whilst the wife who leaves her husband is also lacking because it was her own inadequacies which impelled her to marry him in the first place. Far from the transvestite causing psychological stress for his wife, the situation has been reversed and the wives are depicted as acting out their own problems and as needing treatment and therapy so that they can adjust to their husbands' needs. If, however, they have already adjusted, this too can be seen as the outcome of some personal, psychosexual malfunction. (Cairns) The author,

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