Cross-Functional Team Management

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Cross-Functional Team Management Cross-functional teams have a broader communication that represents the entire organization's interest (Marketing, 2009). This allows individuals to communicate issues and roadblocks while the group works to solve issues from departments and share positives. It also allows individuals to share ideas and goals where improvement can be made for the organization's best interest and all employees. Task alignment is gained in an easier manner with the diversity of the team. This also allows the organization, as a whole, to build better products and services for greater customer satisfaction and increases employee job satisfaction and motivation. The project goal is to develop safety standards to be used in the genetic laboratories within a six week period. To accomplish this, a Team Mission Statement needs to be designed to show the purpose of the team and develop the focus of the intended outcome (Accountants, 1994). A Team Vision Statement is needed to set the project goals. A Project Plan is needed to set the framework for planning, how resources will be used, and controlling the team assignments. A Team Charter will address the implications, common understanding of assigned tasks, ambiguities and contradictions. The Team Charter should be signed by all team members and senior management to engage management support of the project. The Team Charter addresses the individual task of each team member. The chemists and lab technicians will
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