Cross Sex Relationships Are Becoming Increasingly More Popular Than Ever Before

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Cross-sex relationships are becoming increasingly more popular than ever before. According to Schoonover and McEwan of Predicting the audience challenge in cross-sex friendships, men and women have complimenting communication styles and this is what makes cross-sex friendships so appealing as it grows to be more accepted (Schoonover, McEwan, 2014). In analyzing the benefits for both sexes, the most significant challenges, and the cultural or societal challenges, it can be concluded that while cross-sex friendships come with their own trials, it can be a very rewarding relationship. Who Benefits More Both men and women are able to reap the benefits of cross-sex friendships because they are given insight into unfamiliar territory. Seeking advice about the opposite sex with a friend who is of the same sex does not always give the most accurate perspective and so that sex is not represented. On the downside, women who have too many male friends may be seen as promiscuous in this society because it is not a good look to spend too much time with men alone. This double standard is why women may not benefit from maintaining many cross-sex relationships. For this reason, men have the greatest benefit for maintaining cross-sex relationships which is why they may be known to engage in them more frequently. Men Men benefit from cross-sex friendships because they seek out female companionship to receive a different type of attention their same-sex relationships may not be offering

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