Crossbow Research Paper

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The most important factor to consider when choosing a crossbow is the draw weight. Draw weight regulations will vary in different states, but most draw weights requirements fall between 100 – 200 pounds. At those levels, the small game will be an easy kill for the hunter, as long as the animal is not too far away. It is possible to go heavier than a 125-pound draw weight, but the risk of injury begins to rise. It is important that the draw weight is not too heavy, as this will ensure firing the bow will not cause discomfort. A heavier draw weight will increase velocity; however, this is not a good reason for choosing a crossbow. A draw weight that is too heavy can cause serious injuries to the shoulders, back and arms. Physical factors such as age, physical fitness level and height are important to consider when selecting a crossbow. A quality crossbow is one…show more content…
With a draw weight of 150 pounds and an arrow speed of 315 FPS, this bow comes with high energy wheels and a synthetic string and cable system for optimal comfort. The crossbow has a 3.5-pound trigger and a bracket for a mounting platform. A quick-detach quiver comes included, as well as a red dot sight for aiming - making it the best crossbow for elk hunting. Best Crossbow for Turkey Hunting Turkeys are wary creatures, and that keeps them alert of nearby hunters. The Excalibur Matrix 380 crossbow is a light bow with limbs that curve away from the hunter - designed for quick movements. The best crossbow for turkey hunting is one that is quiet, as to not startle the fowl. This innovative design gives you the ability to follow turkeys with ease. Its draw weight of 260 pounds makes it perfect for any experienced hunter. The Matrix is ideal for hunting turkey because it shoots at 350 FPS. This line of crossbows is the most compact and quietest that Excalibur has to offer. Best Crossbow for Hunting Whitetail
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