Crossing Fire Research Paper

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Over the course of the past four years, I have been playing guitar for a bad I and my dad started that was called Crossing Fire. For the longest time that was the only thing I felt I could talk about because I felt like an outsider at high school. Sure, I have a lot of acquaintances, but once that final bell rings at the end of the day I generally never see them outside of those walls, and quite frankly, it never felt they cared much for me with the exception of school activities. As Crossing Fire grew, we began writing our own music and playing shows with other bands anywhere we were able to, and because I never got past that “outsider” feeling, I began to accept that my life in high school and outside of high school were two completely different things. I’d soon come to embrace it as I met more people who cared for me and thought that I was worth talking to. Because of this, Crossing Fire became part of my identity in a way. Over the last summer, we really hit our peak as we…show more content…
God revealed to me one of the greatest truths in life. The only way, scientifically speaking, for a mountain to move, is by means of an earthquake, and the bigger a movement you want, the more catastrophic the earthquake. Everything that anyone has built around or near that mountain will crash down in an intense fury, but by doing so it sets up area for you to build something greater than what was there before. Just like when a forest fire happens, it burns all the trees and destroys hundreds of thousands of years of hard work, but also creates fertile grounds for new life to spring up, eliminating all the disease that was spreading in the
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