Crossing The Quality Chasm : A New Health System For The 21st Century

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Crossing the Quality Chasm: A New Health System for the 21st Century Introduction The IOM Report Brief is a significant revelation that indicates where the US healthcare delivery system lacks in offering quality care to every in the US. This report not only discusses the problems in the healthcare system but also presents recommendations as to how the government can improve it. This paper examines as to what the progress is made in the field of healthcare after this report was written. The IOM Report has proven to be very helpful for creating disciple and progress in the field of medicine with its outlined recommendation for attaining the best quality of health care system. Rapid change that occurs every now and then affects the health care delivery system of the nation that has affected the overall ability of commuting or translating knowledge into the practice adopting the new improved technology properly and safely. To change this US is taking every positive step and are provided with appropriate training to work as required. Here we will provide for example, that provide evidence of progress in the medical health care system in the 21st century, from personal experience as well as from the references provided in the report. Positive Changes in Healthcare This IOM Report on crossing the Quality Chasm efficiently describes the method of work in health care system. The complete concept is based upon more knowledge, managing capabilities, monitoring and so on. The growing
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