Crossing with the Virgin

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Crossing with the Virgin Can you imagine being confined in a world that has you taken for granted and full of mental abuse? Crossing the Mexican border is a journey and new beginning for many undocumented workers. In their eyes it’s a path for many privileges and opportunities. They feel as if all the hardship and struggles they face will just fade away. The narratives of Crossing with the Virgin portray conflicts that occur for undocumented workers crossing the Mexican border. For many illegal immigrants I personally feel that finding a stable job will be difficult, they will be taken advantage of, and eventually they will either be incarcerated or be deported back to their country. Dago is a man that lives in the city of Mexico with…show more content…
As a person who struggles from time to time with a speech impediment, at times and during certain situations it is hard to achieve a certain goal. There was a time during work when my supervisor decided to have a meeting with me to discuss a position that was being offered. Throughout the meeting she explained to me why she couldn’t hire me for that position because of a situation that occurred in which I wasn’t able to articulate to my boss about a situation that transpired involving a child. Moreover, the connection between undocumented workers and my personal story coexists based on the fact that in today’s society people face obstacles that are challenging but, in order to achieve you must tackle on the hurdles. As for myself I feel that the connection between immigrants and myself is similar because in life you should receive a chance to prove yourself and just because you contain a flaw doesn’t mean you can’t achieve something. Nobody is perfect but everyone should at least get a chance to prove themselves what they are worthy of instead of being
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