Crossover between the Occult and Spiritualism

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The differences between spiritualism, occultism and the supernatural are very slight and subtle but are necessary to be able to distinguish between people’s beliefs. To be able to understand what supernatural is, we first need to establish what natural is. Natural refers to the physical world, where things will happen and plausible and realistic explanations for these things may be given. The occultist world does not refer to magic or actions that happen within the realm of plausibility or affairs that happen as a result of natures laws. Magic tricks created by illusionists, such as Derren Brown or David Blaine, do not count as supernatural magic as the performers themselves say it is just about practicing an art form and fooling an audience. The supernatural refers to anything beyond natural, or the realm of belief. A small feature of this that seems to complicate the situation is that nobody has found a universal definition of what natural is. The word supernatural is quite often used in the same context as paranormal. The difference between spiritualism and occultism is that with spiritualism it is a belief that when people die they become spirits and they can communicate with the living, generally through a medium of some sort. Occultism is to; simply put The New Age Movement has definitely popularised these new systems of belief; the occult is not only the belief system to become increasingly accepted, as we are constantly…
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