Crossroads. 12:00 Am . The Road Stretched And The Lights

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Crossroads 12:00 am The road stretched and the lights flicked as Mr. Amberson made the routine pass through the secluded city of Westchester. Small houses that had not been maintained in what seemed like months lined both sides of the two lane road. His droopy eyes and long face were the result of another long day at work, which seemed to be more and more frequent as the years went by. As he fought to keep his eyes open and focused on the road he approached the “T” shaped crossroad that was located in the center of town. As he made his way to the stop Mr. Amberson felt a sense of pride knowing that he lived in a far better city then all of people of Westchester. Occasionally he would stop at the intersection for a good twenty…show more content…
He reached over the driver and unbuckled his seat belt and then got a good grip on him. “Ready?” he asked. Before the young man could respond he lifted the driver up and out the car, and sat him down on the cracked pavement. The young man scream in pain as he attempted to find a comfortable place to rest his back. “Don’t worry I’ll get you an ambulance and I’ll handle the police report” said Mr. Amberson. 1:00 am It had been half an hour since Mr. Amberson called the police and there was still no sign of them. The young man’s pain had become more bearable but still need to be treated. In that time, they both learned each other’s names but chose to stay rather silence. “So what do you do for a living?” asked Dave. “I’m the president of bank” Mr. Amberson responded. “Any family?” asked Dave. “No, not really I had a wife and kid but they left a few years back and haven’t seen them since.” Responded Mr. Amberson. “What about you?” He asked. “Left home five years” Dave responded. 1:30 am It had been an hour since they called the police and there was still no sign of them. Mr. Amberson was beginning to lose hope that they’d even show up. Dave pain had come and gone; his leg visibly broken. At one point he got tired and asked Mr. Amberson to help lay him down so he could sleep a bit. 2.00 am Of in the distance Mr. Amberson saw a light that resembled a head light slowly making its way towards them. “Wake up” he told Dave as he shook
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