Crossroads Fishing Derby Case Summary

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landed a catfish, which catapulted the sales department to victory in the first annual Crossroads Fishing Derby. Despite all the obvious obstacles and the change in leadership the true hotel servers managed to bring a smile to everyone's face. Of course Japes and Bombay thought the trophy should go to the largest fish, but that would have to be taken under advisement by the fishing committee. It was an uphill battle for poor Bombay as he truly was a server on his own. The Crossroads Hotel was not a financial windfall for the owners as the economy had eroded and this tertiary market was only a shadow of what it had been in its day. Bombay would tell Japes “We are just the diapers of the operation” and that is how they treat us. Even with a great attitude, it was difficult for hotel …show more content…

Japes forged the best relationship he could with a boss that was three thousand miles away and rarely visited the property. How do you quantify the attitude and feelings of hundreds of servers that barely scrape enough money together to pay their bills to bean counters that only relate to numbers? Even Shekelhound who was a bean counter himself would visit with and get to know the operational servers. The hotel was forced to cut back on any event that would cost money and not give a direct return. This included limiting the employee luncheons to once per quarter and the annual holiday party expenditure to less then two thousand dollars. The owners would also put on a wage freeze for nearly two years while escalating the server's expense for healthcare and other basic needs. Scrooge used to make an annual visit but would never be seen on property again as he pushed his agenda of inequality and disrespect. In fact, the entire reporting structure became so laissez-faire

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