Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon : Lies Of A Cop

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Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Lies of a Cop
So pretend you are a man in jail, yes you committed the crime, but you believed that the proof in front of you was the end. In your eyes what that detective presented to you was the whole “proof in the pudding”, but then you figured out that it was a ruse. You submit the report under the Article 38.23, denied, and then still had to serve long years in jail. At this point you might think to yourself “The system is failed”, but there is light at the end of that tunnel.

That man goes by the name of Ronald Wilson, who “was charged with capital murder” (Marion) under the case of “Wilson V. State”. This man reported a crime to the local police and was sent in for questioning under the suspicion
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Even though, he “filed a motion to suppress his confession claiming it was obtained in violation of the law and, therefore, was inadmissible under Texas Code of Criminal Procedure [A]rticle 38.23” (Marion).
Not only did they base their decision on those two articles, but also on if Wilson was read his right’s, time of violation and confession to crime, evidence that can make valid of intervening, and finally offense to the official misconduct. Considering that three out of four provisions were met they took a look at the proof of tampering with the case. They threw out Wilson’s reasoning due to it not being enough to prove that the detective tampered with evidence to quicken the case. Although, that conclusion left since the detective stated that “there were no legible fingerprints on the magazine of the gun found near the victim’s body. The detective admitted he used an old report as a template to create the false document on his computer, which said [the] defendant’s prints were on the magazine” (Marion). That is when the judges decided that even though Wilson incriminated himself there was no valid evidence to put him away. Wilson defended his validation, under Article 38.23 of the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure (TCCP), that states “No evidence obtained by an officer or other person in violation of any provisions of the Constitution or laws of the State of Texas, or
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