Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon a Movie Directed by Ang Lee

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Beyond the boundary of East and West

Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon, one of the most successful and popular Chinese-language movie in the West directed by Ang Lee, was considered as an eastern film for the western audience and a western film for the east. “I didn’t see any tiger or dragon in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; then I get it – they all crouched and hid.” This joke provoked a wave of laughter during an award ceremony in the United States, but my response was a satiric sneer. This is because the phrase “crouching tiger, hidden dragon” in Chinese is an old idiom, which should rather be understood by its metaphorical meaning instead of interpreting it literally, as the joke teller did. The same joke created different reactions among audiences of different regions; similarly, the same film – Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (Crouching Tiger) – received diverse responses in the United States and China. Compare to its huge popularity in the west, this movie did not strike such success in Chinese community especially mainland China, where the story takes place. In many mainstream movie communities like Mtime and Douban in China, Crouching Tiger does not rank even top 30 in overall film ratings. How does it happen? I think the director and his filming style is a really important clue for this question. And with the director’s unique filming style, Crouching Tiger succeeds internationally and differs itself from other martial arts genre and Hollywood action movie for

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