Crow Lake By Mary Lawson

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Aly Fahmy ELA A30 Ms. Stoner June 5, 2015 Crow Lake Essay Introduction The Canadian novel ‘Crow Lake’ by Mary Lawson, published in 2002, was awarded in Canada as First Novel Award in the same year it was published and won the McKitterick Prize in 2003. The author Mary Lawson was born and brought up in a small farming community in southern Ontario. After graduating from McGill University, she moved to England in 1968. She still lives there with her husband and sons, though she returns to Canada every year. The story took place in a small town called Crow lake in northern Ontario. In this book Kate Morrison, the main character, leads the reader through her journey for healing from past mistakes dealing with her family. At the beginning, Kate who is seven, and her siblings Luke, Matt, and Bo, experienced a tough time surviving after their parents were killed in a car crash, which impacted them for the rest of their lives. Setting The setting of the novel starts in Northern Ontario. This is important to the author, Mary Lawson, because the elegance of the countryside inspired her to set her novel setting there. When Katie Morrison grows up, the setting change to Toronto because she wanted to become a zoologist. One of the things that led to the significance of setting to the plot is the ponds, because they were full of Kate’s memory about childhood and family. They were her favorite places before she grew up. As Kate mentioned in the prologue, “there is no image of my

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