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Education. A word that resonates differently with everyone, but resonates deeply nonetheless. To some it is seen as a means to maintain their current, comfortable lifestyle where to others it is seen as nothing more than a waste of time and yet to others still it opens the door to numerous opportunities for a better life. On the most part though, our society as a whole seems to agree that education is the pathway to success. Not coincidentally, this is also the stance taken by most authors in modern day literature. This theme of education is clearly presented within two completely different texts: Mary Lawson’s Crow Lake, and David Auburn’s Proof, though not necessarily in the most traditional sense of the word. The characters in both…show more content…
“There is no image of my childhood that I carry with me more clearly than that, a boy of fifteen or sixteen, fair-haired and lanky; beside him a little girl… he is showing her things and he is telling her about them (Lawson 4-5). Matt is responsible for cultivating her passion for biology and inspires her dream of becoming a biologist. Furthermore, besides Kate, Luke, the eldest Morrison child, due to the family’s circumstances, is forced to take on the role of “mother” for the younger children. Out of necessity he becomes the legal guardian for Kate, Bo and Matt and in order to keep them together, he gives up his own at a higher education. Luke learns how to care for the children who, despite living in the same house, never really communicated with each other, and tentatively steps up to the plate of parenthood. He cooks cleans and cares for Bo, which up until the very day their parents had died, had never even held Bo (Lawson ). These course of events, form the death of his parents to raising Bo, shaped who he was and how he turned out. Now he is living happily, perhaps even happier than anyone else because he had never really wanted to be a teacher in the first place. Likewise in Proof,. Most of Catherine’s success can be chalked up to the informal education she received at the hands of her father. As she barely even attended University, Catherine herself attributes her mathematical proficiency to spending so much time at

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