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Isolation – Myth or Fact Isolation, meaning a state of separation, is often misperceived by many as people frequently believe that isolation is always a negative state of being; that isolation due to emotions is non-realistic, and that isolation is always involuntary. These myths are commonly accepted; however, the novel Crow Lake takes a different stand from these myths. Mary Lawson, author of the novel, demonstrated isolations in many of its forms through the protagonist, Kate, and a small, desolated rural community that represented the primary setting of the novel, Crow Lake. By doing so, Lawson reveals the counterfactual nature of these myths and thus correcting the misconceptions that the society has about isolation. In Crow…show more content…
Moreover, the emotional barrier that keep Kate isolated is metaphorically compared to, "…whirlwind howling through…" (54), which illustrates the intensity and ferocity of Kate's emotions like that of a whirlwind; thus, demonstrating the power of the emotional barriers. By illustrating the emotional barriers around Kate, Lawson conveys the fact that isolation occurs even if no physical barriers are present as emotional barriers can be just as effective at isolating an individual as their physical counterparts. Lastly, Mary Lawson corrects the misconception that isolation is always involuntary through Kate's isolation of her thoughts and feelings from others who surrounds her. Kate's tendency to restrict her feelings characterizes her preference to isolate her emotions from her external surroundings: "No, you swallow your feelings…" (36). Furthermore, although Kate's isolation is reflected upon Daniel as he feels, "That there was a barrier somewhere…" (36-37), Kate's detest for Daniel asking her about her life shows the fact that her isolation is by choice and not involuntary: "…sometimes he made me feel…like some poor hapless microbe, under his microscope, where he could study my very soul"

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