Crow lake Essay

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Education "The educated differ from the uneducated as much as the living differ from the dead."(Aristotle) The importance of education is effectively illustrated in the book Crow Lake by Mary Lawson and also in Alden Nowlan's poem Warren Pryor. Both Kate's family and Warren's family highly value the importance of education and both families expect their children to receive higher education. Both Kate and Warren used education as a tool to escape poverty. However, they differ in their feelings toward education and the life chosen by their parents. Both Kate Morrison's family and Warren Pryor's family believe that education is crucial and they are determined to send their children to receive higher education. Kate's great grandmother…show more content…
Both families value education and the effects of education. And because of their determination, Kate and Warren both received proper education. In addition, Kate and Warren are similar in using education as a tool to escape poverty. They see getting educated as an opportunity to get away from farm life and the poverty they suffered. As being affected by her great grandmother's thoughts of seeing education as " the key to escaping the poverty of farming"(Lawson, 187), Kate went to university. She achieved excellent scores in her studies and was being funded for her PHD. She did eventually escape the poverty of farm life, as "if she acquitted herself well in that, jobs would be available, either at the university itself or elsewhere"(Lawson,187) Education enables a new world for her and she thought that "the world was spreading itself out before her"(Lawson, 188) The power of education enabled a lot of opportunities for her and completely changed her life. Comparing to her, Warren Pryor also achieved a wonderful life thanks to the power of education. Instead of plowing the field, he obtained a job as a bank teller and earned a lot more than being a farmer. "They marveled how he wore a milk-white shirt workdays and jeans on Sundays." (Nowlan, Stanza 3) He escaped poverty and was saved from" their thistle-strewn farm and its red dirt"( Nowlan, Stanza 3) He no longer needs to suffer from the poverty their
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