Crowd Behavior Analysis

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35 students involved themselves in the rally. 15 of these students had rated themselves as shy. Eight of those were rated as shy too by their classmates. We therefore had 8 students who we could, almost with conviction, define as shy. This was particularly so since results of the instrument supported this assessment. Special indirect observation was therefore accorded these 8 shy students to see whether or not they lost their personalty, as classical crowd psychology asserted, under influence of the crowd. The rally itself occurred for an hour between the times of 2.00-3.00pm. The excuse was of calling for greater student rights on campus. I chose a topic that we thought students would be particularly interested in. We also chose a time of day where students would not be too tired, nor did they have a heavy workload of classes on that particular day. The march too was outside their campus so students would not have to travel to it. We also attempted to chose a cool day. All these conditions were selected with the intention of excluding any possible confounding elemetn. The students seemed sufficiently motivated. Three of the eight shy students evidenced slightly louder behavior than usual more extroverted with one carrying a banner and the others actually, to some extent, being caught up in the engineered fervor. The others, however, seemed less disinterested with two actually walking away minutes after the rally had started. Four stayed until the end,a nd the one who
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