Essay on Crowd Control vs Crowd Management (for a Powerpoint)

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Crowd Control

(All persons have the right to march, demonstrate, protest, rally, or perform other activities protected by the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and The California Constitution. However, any limitations or restrictions placed on demonstrations or other First Amendment activities must be justified by the requirements of maintaining public safety, public health, or safe access/ egress from the area, and should restrict no more speech than necessary.)

-Techniques used to address unlawful public assemblies, including display of formidable numbers of police offenders, crowd containment, dispersal tactics and arrest procedures

*When is control needed?
-When a demonstration turns into a riot, police
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Numbers and letters on helmets, jackets, and vests should be clearly visible at a distance in order to provide a measure of safety for officers and demonstrators /observers.
3. Techniques and weapons: a. Physical
-Striking with hands or feet, baton, pain compliance holds, water cannon, pressure point, beanbag round, plastic bullet, rubber bullet, sticky foam
b. Chemical
-tear gas (CN or CS gas), pepper sprat (OC aerosol spray), MACE (CN in an aerosol spray propelled by volatile solvents), stun grenade.
c. Electrical
-electrified water cannon (proposal), electroshock gun (stun gun),
d. Laser dazzlers (intended to cause temporary disorientation and blindness)
-veiling-glare lasers, the laser dissuader, personnel halting and stimulation response (PHASR) rifle
e. Other
-active denial system, pulsed energy projectile, long range acoustic device, police dogs (police K-9 unit)
**to control the violence with minimal risk to human life, non-lethal or less-than-lethal riot control techniques were developed in the 1960's**

Crowd Management


-Techniques used to manage lawful public assemblies before, during and after the event for the purpose of maintaining their lawful status. This can be accomplished in part through coordination with event planners and group leaders, permit monitoring and
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