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Hickory Ridge Golf Club Case Study Overview: Greg Hamilton purchased the Hickory Ridge Golf Club in 1988. This publicly nine-hole golf course was located in Columbia, South Carolina. HRGC initially opened in 1957 as an 18-hole, par-71 golf course by a family who go by the name Williams and who also owned the land it sat upon. Williams’s family sold the course in 1964; the business had been exchanged between many purchasers before getting cut back to a nine-hole 35-par course by the McAlister’s. The McAlister’s who were in the construction business brought the golf course in 1978 making major renovations to the course. McAlister had not sufficiently maintained the clubhouse or the course adequately while in ownership of the land; he took…show more content…
The number of golfers is increasing rapidly. In 1987, 145 new courses opened and in 1988 211 more opened. South Carolina was tied for fifth in the nation in new courses opening. Majority of golfers were work force and students using public courses. Local Environment: Columbia area capita income 13,795 compared to 12,036 in the state. Unemployment rates 3.9 percent and the state government and USC enrollment roughly 24,000 people. Between nine colleges 34,000 students were enrolled. HRGC Company had revenues of 116,270 and a loss of 17,610 dollars in 1988. About 51 percent of revenue came from greens fees and salaries & admin. cost was 112,801. Problem/Issues * Golf carts need repairs or replacing * Fleets needs to increase and by how much. * Electric or gas carts * New mowers and tractor * Erosion still exist in tees area and irrigation needed for remaining fairways * Add lockers and shower amenities * Replace cooler and stock golf clothes * Add nine-holes to the course * Scarce golf carts loss of revenue Action Plan/Solution HRGC is facing numerous problems I would like to address some matters after a thoroughly analysis of the situation. Immediate action need to be taken in concern of the golf carts and the golf course. It is proposed to talk to a financial advisor to acquire about how much needs to be borrowed from a small saving & loan bank to address these

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