Crown Chapter One Case Analysis

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Receive Crown Chapter: Last year was the first that our chapter had receive crown chapter in a few years. In order to achieve Crown Chapter again it is important that Executive Committee holds everyone accountable for fulfilling their own requirements. Crown Chapter should be a goal for each personal member, but also for the entire chapter as well because we are all doing our own part to achieve this honor. Higher overall GPA: Executive Committee can help the chapter receive a higher GPA by promoting more study sessions, review sessions through older sisters for younger sisters, and not pushing members to go to a social event when it is obvious they need to be studying for a big test. EC needs to set the standards that grades still come first over social life, which I feel like sometimes is pushed to the background. Increased overall Participation: I feel that Executive Committee highly influences if chapter members are attending events or not. If chapter members see that the role models for our chapter are participating, it will make them want to participate more as well. Also, EC needs to always be talking highly of all events the chapter is participating in rather than giving a negative attitude. If EC starts the increased participation, than the rest of the chapter will follow…show more content…
Unfortunately, chapter members do not always live up to our core values and they need to be held accountable for such. As a Greek woman, people constantly look at Greek women to just be rich, partying brats and EC needs to crack down on the women in the chapter who could give our chapter that reputation. EC also needs to praise those women who do hold our core values as important to them. If EC continues to hold members for accountable, I feel that members would try harder to keep their standards higher for themselves and the chapter as a
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