Crt/205 Week 2

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CRT/205: Mapping Arguments Children in the Backseat Are the Worst Distraction for Driver In this the issue considered is the way of driving with the children in the backseat. Therefore this is a difficult one as the roads will have more traffic and driving is not an easier one. If it is done with children then it will be more difficult as they will be playing inside car and will be a hard task to control them. Then they have various distractions like that of visual distractions, manual distractions and cognitive distractions. These will be very hard for drivers as they need to be very careful in it while driving with a child. Thus the stated premise is the way of driving without distractions and unstated premise is dealing with…show more content…
At the moment, President Obama, Republican and Democratic members of Congress, the American Medical Association and America’s Health Insurance plans all agree that a change is needed to the current system. There is little debate that the health care is necessary but a lot of debate on how the change should be done. Obama’s Health Care Reform Plan The majority of Americans receive health care through private insurers which is mostly provided through their employers. For the most part, employees are required to contribute part of insurance cost through payroll deductions. There is no government health insurance company that covers all citizens. The government does offer few programs such as Medicare and Medicaid but the eligibility is restricted and limited. President Obama wants to reform the health care system so that every American in United States has health insurance coverage. The plan proposes to offer affordable, comprehensive and portable coverage. It pledges to control the rising health care cost and improving the quality of care. The key goals of the reform plan are: • Requiring employers to provide health insurance to their employees • Mandating health insurance to all children • Workers will be allowed to keep their employer-provided health insurance even if they lose their job or if they’re in between jobs • Prohibit insurance companies from rejecting people because of pre-existing health conditions •

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