Crucial Conversation

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Background of the Situation
I teach in an Alternative high school for Riverside Office of Education. Sometimes the school site can be stressful. I had some books taken from my area and I sent an e-mail regarding the missing books. A week later a teacher’s edition went missing and I found it in another’s teachers classroom. I don’t mind sharing but I would appreciate if I was informed when someone took my books, especially if I had buy the book myself. The principal asked me to send an e-mail stating that I don’t mind sharing my books but if staff could ask first.
The next day the school secretary asked me and another teacher to come to a classroom. When in the classroom she confronted me and said how dare I accuse the teacher of stealing, by that time other staff came into the room to get ready to leave for a meeting. She went on and on regarding that I should not accuse anyone without knowing what occurred. I held my tough because I had a meeting to go to, which she made us 45 minutes late. After the meeting I let my principal know what had occurred and if I did something wrong I would appreciate her telling me not her secretary in front of the school staff. The principal assured me that I did not do anything wrong and the e-mail was sent per her request.
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By having the conversation I was hoping to put behind what had accrued and create a process so the situation would not repeat itself.
Start With the Heart
Before I started the conversation I read the chapter on Start With Heart (Patterson, 2012) and answered the three questions following before the conversation:
1. What do I really want for myself?
2. What do I really want for
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