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The Crucible Abigail Williams: "I am but God 's finger, John. If he would condemn Elizabeth, she will be condemned." This quote is from the mouth of Abigail, the leader of the girls involved at the center of the plot. She is talking with John, and trying to rationalize the things that the girls are doing. Proctor knows what is at the heart of the matter as Abigail is merely trying to get rid of his wife so that they can be together, something that he no longer wants. This situation shows the reader that Abigail is clearly committing perjury. Another informative aspect of this quote is that it sheds light on the person Abigail truly is because it shows that she is a lying, conniving person, who will stop at nothing to…show more content…
This particular quote deals with Elizabeth speaking of her frustration, anger, and disappointment as a result of the violation of trust and marital oaths. Proctor only becomes angered when this topic comes up because he feels that he has repeatedly expressed his sorrow for the mistakes of the past and finds Elizabeth constantly second-guessing him, showing the lack of trust. Reverend Parris: "They 've come to overthrow the court, sir!" This quote shows that the reverend cares only about his reputation rather than the truth being uncovered. His character in the play often brings out the worst in the townspeople, as he doesn 't have many friends, and is known to be a man with gullible, uncaring, and villainous attributes. The quote shows his vulnerability to the lies of the girls and his enthusiasm to get the accused executed. This is an important statement in the play as it shows Parris for who he is as a corrupt clergyman and citizen of Salem. People like Rev. Parris are what keeps the truth from being discovered as he only cares about saving his own reputation rather than finding the truth. Rebecca Nurse: "I have eleven children and I am twenty-six times a grandma, and I have seen them all throughout their silly seasons, and when it comes on them they will run the Devil bowlegged keeping up with their mischief." Rebecca Nurse, a respected member of the community,

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