Crucifixion And Resurrection Of Jesus

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Crucifixion and Resurrection of Christ in History "For the Jews, Jesus arrived as the long awaited Messiah. But on His arrival many did not recognize Him. Others refused to accept Him because He did not fit their image as a King. Everywhere He went in His short life on earth, He made enemies and devoted friends. Men hated Him so deeply that they sought to end His life and did crucify Him. Amazingly as the Bible had predicted centuries before their occurrence, all of the events of His life from His lowly birth to death on a cross and then to His resurrection, did occur just as they had been predicted" ( The crucifixion and resurrection of Christ was a pivotal moment in history. It had a significant impacted not …show more content…

Men and women were seen as equals in the eyes of God. Jesus ' teaching taught men to love their wives and children, and to not use harsh treatment against either of them. Jesus influenced authority in Rome, which granted women more rights. Women were given the same property rights as men, and were allowed to be a guardian of their children. "Christian women started marrying later, and they married men of their own choosing. This eroded the ancient practice of men marrying child brides against their will, often as young as eleven or twelve years old" ( The historical practice of men marrying against a young female 's will had changed. Women could choose who they wanted to marry. "Many men, including biblical heroes, have had multiple wives, but Jesus made clear this was never God’s intention. Whenever he spoke about marriage, it was always in the context of monogamy. He said, “The two [not three or four] will become one flesh.” As Christianity spread, God’s intention of monogamous marriages became the norm" ( Many men followed the practice of having many wives. Jesus ' teaching explained that God created marriage for one man and one woman. "Two more cruel practices were abolished as Christianity gained influence. In some cultures, such as India, widows were burned alive on their husbands’ funeral pyres. In China, the crippling practice of foot binding was intended to make women totter

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